- Welcome -

You have questions?  Just started planning your wedding or special event?  We are here to help in any way.  Nothing makes us happier than offering stunning cinema for amazing people. 

Newly engaged or planning an event to remember.  We understand you may have many questions about what we offer and what to expect.  Cinema is a dynamic way to relive these moments through motion and sound.  Our films are carefully edited to showcase and relive these special occasions in the most dynamic ways.  

We value every client and listen to your needs.  Gone are the days of unintersting styled videos, we carefully edit stunning films for you to be able to share and relive every day.  What pulls you in visually.  What preserves a moment in time.  Visual reminders of these special times in our lives. Films help us to hear and see these times in motion.

Have our films moved you in any way?  If so then the hard part is over.  Now let us document and create the perfect film to preserve these memories you have so carefully planned.  A video that you will share with your friends and family.  For a lifetime.

- Golden Summit Films -