Engagement Films



Congratulations on your engagement.

Engagement Videos are a special way between two in love to display their devotion together.  Complimentary to a Engagement Photography session, Video adds an element to your love story set to motion.  Whether a unique storyline is created or a beautiful handful of moments set to loving or fun music to showcase the feeling and mood.  With the creative style of our editing and visuals captured your engagement video will compliment your affection together.  Our films are timeless and we strive to continue to showcase what makes you both unique and in Love.  You two in the city, at home or in nature.  We want to add visuals and movement in a short film that when you and others view this video will be captivated by your endless love.

What ideas would you want for your Engagement?  We would love to hear from you and look forward to creating together.

Golden Summit Films